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the show
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with Pascale Murtin, François Hiffler, Bettina Atala
what is happening?
what is happening?
What is happening here and now ? In order to answer that never ending question, we endeavour to describe the things that happen in the room. But it would be impossible to recount everything that happens in a particular place and time. Consequently, we omit, voluntarily or not, a lot of informations.
Is it part of the show?
Is it part of the show?
A show where no-one is quite sure whether what can be seen here is part of it, or if what can be heard over there is not.
music video
music video
Mambo 62 self-descriptive song 1'42
La Marseillaise (10/14/2004) - "the show is like a conference of French professors whose insanity is linked to philology" Francis Cossu
La Provence (10/9/2004) - "Minimalist DIY" Jacques Corot
Le Figaro (9/12/2003) - "A style, more than just mechanics – a mind." ArmeIIe HELIOT
Liberation (3/7/2003) - "Trio’s new rhetorical tour de force in Paris" Hervé Gauville
Date City Venue
12/06/06 Madrid Impresentable Festival
Address: La Casa Encendida/ 2 Ronda Valencia.
01/06/06 Eysines Rencontres theatrales d’Eysines Theatre Jean Vilar
25/05/06 Warsaw Galerie Raster
12/10/04 - 16/10/04 Marseille La Minoterie, Theatre de la Joliette
29/09/04 - 30/09/04 Rotterdam Rotterdamse Schouwburg
11/07/04 Porto Fundacao Serraives
03/07/04 San Sebastian ARTELEKU
13/05/04 - 15/05/04 Bordeaux TNT
09/10/03 - 11/10/03 Leuven STUK Kunstencentrum
Address: Naamsestraat 96.
17/05/03 Ingre Festival TRAFFIK
07/04/03 - 11/04/03 Meylan Hexagone et Alentours
05/03/03 - 09/03/03 Paris Pompidou Center
Address: Place Georges-Pompidou.
Coproduced by GRAND MAGASIN, Centre Pompidou’s Live Entertainment Unit - Paris. With the help of TNT / Manufacture de chaussures - Bordeaux.