Season 1 Episode 2 is a movie that describes, step by step, its own making.

Part film, part theater, part reality television… Phoenix Atala’s Season 1 episode 2 examines its own production process step by step, as it is being created in front of the audience. The hilarious and thoughtful work questions the concepts of mass media, Big Brother, and the boundaries of reality and fiction—while offering a delightful critique of social norms and structures.

Known to New York audiences for his work with French performance group Grand Magasin, Phoenix Atala is a renoun and critically acclaimed  theatrical director in Europe who tries his hand at cinema.

For this production the cast, a  mix of french celebrities and amateurs, obsessively describe what’s happening on the screen.

The movie is an eye opening revelation for who is new to the mechanism behind cinema production, and an entertaining witty and playful UFO for who works in the industry.

As orange: Pascale Murtin, Christophe Salengro, Aurélia Petit
As pink:  Virginie Petit, Danièle Colomine, Pascale Murtin
As Yellow:  Joseph Dahan, Christophe Arrot, Danièle Colomine
As blue:  Marc Bruckert, Michel Phelippeau
As brown:  Etienne Charry, Virginie Petit, Pascale Murtin
As red:  Marc Bruckert, François Hiffler

Executive Producer GRAND MAGASIN/ 34567FILMS
Coproduction GRAND MAGASIN / 34567FILMS/Le Consortium, Dijon /
Dubbelspel (30cc & STUK Kunstencentrum) /
MAC/VAL, Vitry sur Seine / Les Spectacles vivants –
Centre Pompidou With the help of
Ministry of Culture and Communication (DICREAM)
With the support of Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers
and Canal + Short Program Unit

Date City Venue
06/11/11 Madrid Impresentable Festival
Address: La Casa Encendida/ 2 Ronda Valencia.
19/10/11 - 17/12/11 Hambourg, Lunebourg, Paris Channel TV
01/10/11 - 31/10/11 Jerusalem Show V
11/07/11 Vitry-sur-Seine MAC/VAL
Address: Place de la Liberation.
26/11/09 Paris La Menagerie de Verre
Address: 12/14 rue Lechevin.
27/09/09 - 28/09/08 Toulouse Printemps de Septembre
09/09/09 New York, NY Crossing the Line/FIAF
27/08/09 - 28/08/09 Groningen Noorderzon International Performing Arts Festival
Address: A-Kerkhof 12.
15/05/09 Rennes Festival Agitato
Address: Boulevard de Yougoslavie.
20/03/09 Creteil Festival International de film de femme
03/11/08 - 04/11/08 Leuven STUK Kunstencentrum
Address: Naamsestraat 96.
17/10/08 L’Isle en Dodon Pronomade
24/09/08 Bordeaux TNT
19/09/08 Quend Festival du Film Grolandais
29/05/08 - 30/05/08 Lausanne Arsenic
29/05/08 Paris Festival Hors Pistes/Centre Pompidou
24/05/08 Caen Cinema LUX
17/05/08 Vitry-sur-Seine MAC/VAL
Address: Place de la Liberation.
01/04/08 Champigny Sur Marne Conservatoire Olivier Messiaen
27/02/08 - 01/03/08 Bethune Comedie de Bethune
13/02/08 - 15/02/08 Paris Pompidou Center
Address: Place Georges-Pompidou.