5th international forum for corporate films is a show about wrong choices

January 2005




Every step of the way, there’s a million choices,
and i can only choose one at a time
Five presenters are successively faced with simple choices:
go left or right, sit down or stand, go forward or back up, etc.
Each of them publicly makes his choices.
When the decisions taken are compatible, the situation advances…


When the different options chosen are
contradictory, the situation is blocked and
everything comes to a halt.
These impasses lead to songs and
dances accompanied on the electric organ.


Events happen in a minimalist decor that only includes:
a couple of potted plants, and two to eight orange chairs.


Coproduced by GRAND MAGASIN /
Centre Dramatique National Orléans-Loiret-Centre /
TNT Manufacture de chaussures – Bordeaux /
Centre Pompidou’s Live Entertainment Unit – Paris.
imagined and written by :
presenters : Bettina Atala, Etienne Charry,
Manuel Coursin, François Hiffler,
Pascale Murtin, Christophe Salengro

New York Times (11/13/2005) “Grand Magasin deconstructing L’Office. The banality of cubicle life, viewed in a french movie.” Roslyn Sulkas
Liberation (2/19/2005) “Actions are taken to their logical conclusion that borders at times on the absurd, at times on the comical.” Hervé Gauville
Télérama (2/16/2005) “At any rate, a Grand Magasin show isn’t something that’s told,
but rather savored.”
Cathy Blisson and Florence Broizat
La République du Centre (1/19/2005) “at once inventive, funny and remarkable.” Claire Damon

Date City Venue Country
17/01/10 – 18/01/10 Saint-Etienne Comedie de Saint Etienne France
23/02/07 Tours CCN, Nouvel Olympia France
21/02/07 Armentieres Le Vivat France
15/02/07 – 16/02/07 Reims Le Manege France
29/01/07 – 30/01/07 Lille Le Prato France
22/08/06 – 23/08/06 Goteborg Dance & Theatre Festival Sweden
16/05/06 – 18/05/06 Lyon Theatre du Point du Jour France
13/05/06 Strasbourg Pole Sud France
09/05/06 Dole Theatre de Dole (scenes du Jura) France
08/02/06 – 10/02/06 Paris Pompidou Center France

Address: Place Georges-Pompidou.

13/12/05 – 15/12/05 Colmar Atelier du Rhin France
06/12/05 – 08/12/05 Bethune Comedie de Bethune France
17/11/05 – 20/11/05 Brooklyn, New York St. Ann’s Warehouse United States
04/11/05 Mimizan Le Parnasse France
08/09/05 Milan Uovo Festival Italy
30/06/05 Fribourg Belluard Bollwerk Switzerland
25/05/05 – 28/05/05 Bruxelles Kunstenfestivaldesarts Belgium
16/03/05 – 17/03/05 Lausanne Arsenic France
17/02/05 – 20/02/05 Paris Pompidou Center France

Address: Place Georges-Pompidou.

02/02/05 – 05/02/05 Bordeaux TNT France
18/01/05 – 22/01/05 Orleans Centre Dramatique National France

music video 1

music video 1

Why should I do what I say ?
music and dance
music video 2

music video 2

Every step of the way, there’s a million choices
music and dance
music video 3

music video 3

Make everybody happy
music and dance
music video 4

music video 4

Workers in my house


english subtitles for the trailers are coming soon !

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