Season 1 Episode 2 is a movie that describes, step by step, its own making.

January 2011




director : Bettina Atala
music : Etienne Charry

assistant director : Pauline Curnier Jardin
cameraman : Julien Moy
Watch the trailer !
Where is the cameraman ?
At witch point the shot will change ?
Is this scene shot in chronological order ?
How many takes to obtain this one ?

These are the questions that the characters openly ask themselves
and which are the main subject of the movie’s dialogues.


As orange: Pascale Murtin, Christophe Salengro, Aurélia Petit
As pink: Virginie Petit, Danièle Colomine, Pascale Murtin
As Yellow: Joseph Dahan, Christophe Arrot, Danièle Colomine
As blue: Marc Bruckert, Michel Phelippeau
As brown: Etienne Charry, Virginie Petit, Pascale Murtin
As red: Marc Bruckert, François Hiffler
“At the end of my sentence,
the shot will change !”


When I punch you in the face,
the shot will change !
Diffusion : 34567FILMS
Executive Producer GRAND MAGASIN/ 34567FILMS
Coproduction GRAND MAGASIN / 34567FILMS/Le Consortium, Dijon /
Dubbelspel (30cc & STUK Kunstencentrum) /
MAC/VAL, Vitry sur Seine / Les Spectacles vivants –
Centre Pompidou With the help of
Ministery of Culture and Communication (DICREAM)
With the support of Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers
and Canal + Short Program Unit.


tip to save time
on daily chores

A useful tip to save time on daily chores:
“ While I am washing the dishes,
I can vacum,
iron my clothes,
and clean the windows.”

Objectif Cinema (5/8/2010) “With (faux) naïveté, malice and finesse, Bettina Atala’s film questions language” Nicolas Villodre
Mouvement (12/15/2009) “fiction met reality, with no possible return back” Magali Lesauvage
Telerama (5/3/2008) “Unless it’s not your style of humor, you’ll very quickly be smiling out of delightful disbelief.” Cathy Blisson
Inrockuptibles (3/11/2008) “An obvious taste for deconstruction and parodic irony,
which are particularly efficient here.”
Hugues le Tanneur
Cahier du Cinema (9/15/2007) “A mockery of cinematic conventions”Ch.G

“A feminist use of split-screen”Ch.G

Date City Venue Country
06/11/11 Madrid Impresentable Festival Spain

Address: La Casa Encendida/ 2 Ronda Valencia.

19/10/11 – 17/12/11 Hambourg, Lunebourg, Paris Channel TV France
01/10/11 – 31/10/11 Jerusalem Show V Israel
11/07/11 Vitry-sur-Seine MAC/VAL France

Address: Place de la Liberation.

26/11/09 Paris La Menagerie de Verre France

Address: 12/14 rue Lechevin.

27/09/09 – 28/09/08 Toulouse Printemps de Septembre France
09/09/09 New York, NY Crossing the Line/FIAF United States
27/08/09 – 28/08/09 Groningen Noorderzon International Performing Arts Festival Netherlands

Address: A-Kerkhof 12.

15/05/09 Rennes Festival Agitato France

Address: Boulevard de Yougoslavie.

20/03/09 Creteil Festival International de film de femme France
03/11/08 – 04/11/08 Leuven STUK Kunstencentrum Belgium

Address: Naamsestraat 96.

17/10/08 L’Isle en Dodon Pronomade France
24/09/08 Bordeaux TNT France
19/09/08 Quend Festival du Film Grolandais France
29/05/08 – 30/05/08 Lausanne Arsenic France
29/05/08 Paris Festival Hors Pistes/Centre Pompidou France
24/05/08 Caen Cinema LUX France
17/05/08 Vitry-sur-Seine MAC/VAL France

Address: Place de la Liberation.

01/04/08 Champigny Sur Marne Conservatoire Olivier Messiaen France
27/02/08 – 01/03/08 Bethune Comedie de Bethune France
13/02/08 – 15/02/08 Paris Pompidou Center France

Address: Place Georges-Pompidou.


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