view with commentary is a description of the landcape from a scale 2 tent

June 2005




Watch the trailer !
with Pascale Murtin, François Hiffler, Bettina Atala and a quidam
a Tent

a Tent

The French collective Grand Magasin
fully exploit this perfect-picture vacation:
a tent straight out of a camping ground
on the coast shelters View with
Commentary, an irresistible show.

On a screen 15 cells describe trivial
items a ball, a fence, a cooler.
Each time one of those item pops up in
the landscape seen through a plastic
bay window, the cell lights up.

The illuminated dots were forming
geometric patterns, a cross, an arrow.
A jingle was played, indicating
that “the disorderly activity of
the world might follow some kind
of secret geometry”.


a landscape

a landscape

All of this, performed by the three actors who, in this unreal camping ground,
look like amateur sociologists.

Libération/July 2005
Bruno MASI

La Marseillaise, La Provence… (10/20/2009) “Funny, poetic and tender.” D.B
Liberation (7/1/2005) “All of this, performed by the three actors who, in this unreal camping ground, look like amateur sociologists.” BRUNO MASI

Date City Venue Country
19/10/09 – 20/10/09 Marseille La Minoterie, Theatre de la Joliette France
11/09/09 – 13/09/09 Montreal, Quebec Les Escales Improbables de Montreal Canada
18/10/08 – 19/10/08 Cazeneuve Montaut Pronomade(s) en Haute Garonne France
15/08/08 – 16/08/08 Dijon parc de la Colombiere Festival “Entre cours et jardins” France
09/08/08 – 10/08/08 Strasbourg Jardin des deux rives festival “Rives de Cirque” France
25/07/08 – 26/07/08 Mulhouse Scenes de rue France
17/07/08 – 20/07/08 Chalon-sur-Saone Festival “Chalon dans la rue” France
12/07/08 – 14/07/08 Avignon Ile de la Barthelasse festival “a contre courant” France
28/06/08 – 29/06/08 Chaumont-sur-Loire Festival Excentrique France
20/07/05 – 24/07/05 Gent Campo Nieuwpoort Belgium
24/06/05 – 03/07/05 Paris Parc de la Villette France
10/06/05 – 19/06/05 Terschelling OEROL Festival Netherlands



Executive producer : GRAND MAGASIN
Coproduction : GRAND MAGASIN / Victoria – Gent (Belgium) A-TIPIS project

english subtitles for the trailer are coming soon !

This post is also available in: French

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