The resurfacing problem
If you can’t hear anything, it means it works !!!!

Problems to fix every solution.
Three demonstrators present a performance which is constantly being interupted by the acoustic effects from a series of devices.
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Despite my repeated efforts, I rarely manage to be understood with the required accuracy. Even with clear ideas, precise communication tools, and a willing audience, understanding is still far from certain. I also have to contend with outside circumstances, which ceaselessly thwart my initial intentions.
Whatever these external obstacles may be - a noisy truck passing by, interference on the phoneline, the acoustics of a theatre scrambling my words, or a thick carpet absorbing most of my speech, communication can become difficult. The solution therefore probably lies in accepting these obstacles, and to view them as our allies.
Coproduced by GRAND MAGASIN, Centre Pompidou’s Live Entertainment Unit, IRCAM with the support of Centre Culturel André Malraux - Scène Nationale de Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy and Arts Admin (London) within the frame of Paris Calling.
With Manuel Coursin's assistance
A show by GRAND MAGASIN Pascale MURTIN, Bettina ATALA, François HIFFLER,
The Guardian (11/9/2010) - "The discourse being fragmented, deformed and mangled in a marvellous satire of today's infra-language." Fabienne Darge
Liberation (10/30/2010) - "P.M, F.H and P.A are not troublemakers but they know how to sow the seeds of doubt. The result isn't any less devastating." RENE SOLIS
Telerama (10/27/2010) - "logic to the extreme" E.B.
Le Point (10/25/2010) - "it’s fantastic and so clever, you’ll walk out smiling" Marie Audran
Rue 89 (10/22/2010) - " these players have been peerless in their capacity to grasp and travel through their era, to grab it by the scruff of its banality, polish the mirror of its tautologies." Jean-Pierre Thibaudat
La Provence, La Marseillaise… (10/19/2009) - "It’s as if 2be3, coached by les Deschiens, had decided to bring Deleuze to the stage. Or not." D.B.
"dissections – often hilarious – of different processes of communication"Denis Bonneville
"Grand Magasin are here to reinvent the meaning of the objects that surround us"Guillaume Arias
Les Inrockuptibles (7/7/2009) - "The effect is guaranteed hilarity" Hugues Le Tanneur
Date City Venue
08/04/11 Bruxelles, Charleroi-Danses La Raffinerie
Address: 21 rue de Manchester.
08/04/11 Bruxelles, Charleroi-Danses La Raffinerie
Address: 21 rue de Manchester.
10/02/11 - 11/02/11 Gent Campo Nieuwpoort
02/12/10 - 05/12/10 Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy Centre Culturel Andre Malraux
30/11/10 Montbeliard L’Allan – Scene Nationale de Montbeliard
22/11/10 Les Paluds de Noves Scene Nationale de Cavaillon
20/11/10 Morieres les Avignon Scene Nationale de Cavaillon
19/11/10 Oppede Scene Nationale de Cavaillon
18/11/10 Merindol Scene Nationale de Cavaillon
16/11/10 Chateauneuf de Gadagne Scene Nationale de Cavaillon
14/10/10 - 30/10/10 Paris Theatre de la Cite Internationale
17/08/10 - 18/08/10 Nyon FAR Festival
Address: 1 rue Cesar-Soulie.
27/04/10 - 30/04/10 Toulouse TNT
Address: 1 rue Pierre Baudis.
05/03/10 Quimper Theatre de Cornouailles Scene Nationale dans le cadre du Festival Antipodes
10/12/09 - 12/12/09 Bordeaux TNT
22/10/09 - 24/10/09 Marseille La Minoterie, Theatre de la Joliette
09/07/09 - 10/07/09 London ArtsAdmin/Toynbee Studios Dans le cadre Paris Calling
08/06/09 - 11/06/09 Paris Festival Agora a l’IRCAM
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