Critical Failure

excecutive production SITuation COMédie & les Laboratoires D’Aubervilliers,

support from: la Fondation des Artistes, le département 9, Centre National de la Danse & La Villa Arson.

release: november 2022 / length: 40mn

Producer/ Director’s assistant: Silina Syan
Producer: Adela Noual
Director of Photography: Hoang Le Nguyen
Alternative Camera: Ema Lauro
Sound engineer: Nino Ram
Music: Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley

Ekko: Lucas Tetry Rivière
Désiré.e: Brandon Gercera
Youssef: Phœnix Atala
Tanger: Snake Ninja
André.e: Valérie Abrogoua
Hanabi: Hanabi The K
Maxime: Océan

Critical Failure is all at once a Sci Fi movie, an unfinished script about the image of queer non-white communities, an editing in progress, an attempt to discover a new method to make films, a series of ethical, aesthetical, political and practical questions, a sum of obstacles and revelations, a story that describes what it is to figure out that you’re different and that it’s that figuring out which sets you free.

Ekko is an artist in residency at an art center, she finds out that she is a robot. She decides to take hack of her own program thanks to a secret choreography she learns from a militant android gang. She can then sever her ties to the institution that owns her and take control of her own body. While this story is unraveling we follow a gay couple who decides to make this anticipation film. They want to challenge the mainstream, normative way the industry makes movies and are trying to figure out a relevant and specific way to tell their queer artist stories. This narration is about emancipation, mirroring Ekko’s adventures.